The 10 top SEO strategies for your Squarespace website


Are you wondering how to better rank your Squarespace website? Maybe you’ve tried to update your site, but it’s still not showing up, Or maybe your website is showing up, but the text under the URL makes no sense! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Below we go through our top SEO Marketing tips that will help boost your organic traffic and reach. These 10 top SEO strategies will help you optimize your Squarespace website and land your page at the top of Google search results.

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1. Research Research Research!

Keyword research is often an overlooked step when setting up your Squarespace SEO. The purpose of researching is to fully understand what terms people are searching for, look at what keywords your competition is using, and see which locations you should use in your page titles and page descriptions.

In this step, you want to make sure you’re choosing keywords specific to your business, with a considerable volume of searches and relatively low competition. We recommend using Google’s Keyword Planner or Keyword Everywhere for this step.

2. Choose the best keywords for your page titles & descriptions

Search engines prioritize page titles, blog post titles, and such, so you want to keep them concise, clear, and significant to help both users and search engines find the correct content. Squarespace also offers SEO page titles and descriptions, which appear in the search results, so you'll don't forget to add specific keywords from your research!  To add your SEO descriptions, go on Page Settings and select the SEO tab.


3. Use headings to structure your pages & posts

Search engines prioritize the headings on your website over its body text. Meaning, it's super important to let search engines know the main elements of your site by specifying each page's unique content (think about it if people are googling a specific service you want your services page to show up!) 

4. Choose a URL that is SEO-friendly

Use direct, descriptive, and clean URLs to improve how search engines can find and index your site. To optimize your blog post URLs (blogs are great for SEO! See point #6 for more info), you might want to clean up any irrelevant information. For example, this post’s URL is very straightforward:

SEO | Squarespace | Shopify | Top SEO Tips | Google Ranking | London | New York | California

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5. Strengthen your website by optimizing your images

Overall, page speed is an important Google ranking factor. So, for that reason, having high-quality and fast-loading images can heavily boost your ranking. In addition to Google image search, image descriptions (alt-text) are essential for visually impaired visitors' usability.

6. Start creating relevant and regular content

Give people a reason to hang about on your website and start creating great content by writing relevant, engaging blog posts that showcase amazing images, designs, or videos. Google loves new content and blogs to increase your search engine rankings while producing complementary content to your business. For inspiration, you can check out more articles on our Visuable Blog

7. Use plenty of internal links throughout your site

Encourage people to browse through your site for other content by providing links pointing to further content within your website. It is super helpful to show search engines that the content on your website is interlinked. Add 'You might also like' calls-to-action to lead users to other pages on your website.

SEO | Squarespace | Shopify | Top SEO Tips | Google Ranking | London | New York | California

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8. Remove duplicate content

Duplicated content means that the same content is showing up on two separate web addresses. When this happens, it becomes difficult for Google to determine which version of the duplicated content to display. That’s why you should always make sure the content on your website is unique and not repetitive or copied.

9. Turn on SSL

Google gives positive rankings and encourages HTTPS connections everywhere for a more secure web. Make sure your website’s SSL is turned on!

10. Include your location

Finally, Squarespace helps with local SEO. If your business has a physical location or if your audience is based in specific locations put those locations in your page titles and page descriptions! You can add your location on Language & Region.


ready to dive into Squarespace SEO?

Setting up your Squarespace SEO is very important to reach new customers, build brand awareness, and promote your business, so what are you waiting for? The above Squarespace SEO strategies are a great place to start with your SEO, but if you’re ready to learn more or have one of our experts optimize your website for you, book a call with the team to discuss your project!


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