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Expert Acuity call to automate your bookings

You’re here because you want to have an automated scheduling system on your website but you’re struggling with the set-up. You tried creating your appointment types and linking your payment provider, yet things are not working the way they should.

We’re here to help you. Our in-house Acuity Experts can take you through the set-up process to help you get everything right. From personalising you availability, through syncing with your conference software, all the way through to design styling and integrating with your website, we’ll make sure all is ready for you open for bookings!


Acuity Expert Call $495 / £450

In this 60-min 3in1 call, we’ll consult you on how to best achieve what you need within acuity, set everything up for you and train you on how to use your scheduler. You’ll leave with fully functioning automated scheduling system and complete understanding on how to manage it all by yourself.

What’s included:

• Personalising your availability, timeslots and breaks
• Creating various free and paid appointment types
• Developing a simple intake form
• Overview of creating and managing appointment packages and subscriptions
• Overview of calendar syncing
• Overview and integration of payment systems
• Overview and set-up of email reminders
• Integration of zoom
• Set-up of correct local time zone
• Customisation of appearance to match your brand
• Integration with Squarespace


How does the process work?

Can you see the chat bubble in the right bottom corner of this page?

Please use our chat facility to discuss your project with us so that we can ensure that your desired functionality can be achieved through Acuity platform.


• Press the button below to choose your preferred date and time
• Fill out the form to provide us with the information about your company and list any necessary information that we will need to handle your Acuity set-up.
• Make an online payment. The payment can be made by any Debit / Credit Card
• We’ll send you a booking confirmation with a Zoom link directly to your calendar
• Once it’s time, click on the Zoom link and our Acuity Expert will be waiting!


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