Visuable launches a Pride Awareness Campaign to express its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace culture.


Visuable Welcomes Everyone.

At Visuable, it is our vision and commitment to create a working environment where discrimination does not exist, and everyone can be proudly who they are.

Throughout the month of June, we want to highlight and celebrate the importance of Pride month. The first protest was arranged by Brenda Howard, on the 28th of June 1970. Unfortunately, a recent study in the UK that examined attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community revealed that there is still existing discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community (Stonewall, 2022). This is why it is important for us to work towards a better and more inclusive future for everyone.

The US-based research showed that 46% of LGBTQ+ employees prefer being ‘closeted’ in the workplace (HRC, 2018). This indicates the need of creating a safe space for everyone to be unique and themselves regardless of their gender or sexuality. At work and outside of work.

During the month of June 2022, we’ve organized a Pride Hour for our entire team to attend, to talk about workplace equality and inclusion in a safe and non-judgemental environment, with a goal of making our workplace even more inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly.



Outcome 1 – Playing an LGBTQ+ History Awareness Game

History has the power to foster understanding and compassion, especially when people learn about it together, which is why we've decided to play an LGBTQ+ History game with the Visuable Team so that we can all share in the beautiful learning of the subject. Through a Kahoot Game, which we have shared on social media — Instagram, our team participated and played through 12 questions and win the prize of getting a LGBTQ+ flag of their choosing.



Outcome 2 - becoming Pronouns inclusive

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is not a one-time event. Taking the time to open conversations about people's pronouns is an important part of the equation for becoming more conscious and supportive.

In this direction, we have updated our consultation call process to include a section for our clients to provide their pronouns before our meetings and for our employees to have their pronouns visible to the clients. We’ve also discussed adding pronouns as part of the zoom username, and we’ve created training on how to do this, which you can access via this link.

Pronouns are an essential component of a person's identity. It is important to never assume someone else's pronouns. By assuming a person's pronouns, you may unintentionally send the message that people must look a certain way in order to use their pronouns. Using the incorrect pronouns can be offensive or even harmful. Ignoring a person's pronouns can also imply that people who identify as transgender, such as transgender, nonbinary, or gender-nonconforming people, do not exist. Using the correct pronouns for someone shows respect and contributes to the formation of an inclusive environment.

Outcome 3 – rainbow Logo and LGBTQ+ Campaign Page on the Website

We’ve turned the Visuable logo into a rainbow on the website and social media for the month of June. We’ve also created this LGBTQ+ awareness campaign page on the website which we’re updating throughout June with outcomes of our culture change efforts towards an even more inclusive workplace.


Outcome 4 – publishing our Inclusivity and anti-discriminatory Policies

 We’ve decided to write up and publish our inclusivity and anti-discriminatory policies, which you can access via this link.

Visuable commits to a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination against any employee, supplier, or client on the basis of their race, ethnicity, age, sex, pregnancies, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion.

Outcome 5 – LGBTQ+ WORKPLACE ISSUES Awareness Campaign on Social Media 

We’ve published stats and information about LGBTQ+ inclusivity and what companies can do to make a workplace better and more inclusive. The path to becoming more inclusive begins with addressing the issues that currently plague the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in the workplace. Every day, problems such as negative interactions, unfair treatment, and harassment occur in our workplaces. By being aware of these issues, we can take action to eliminate them and help others in doing the same. Check out the infographics below to learn about the most common workplace issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces.


Outcome 6 – Spotify Playlist

 We’ve created a joined Spotify playlist with all LGBTQ+ anthems for everybody to be able to access, add new music and jam out to incredible hits from all genres and times. You can listen to it here!


Above all, we continue to encourage open conversations within and outside of our company with a goal of celebrating gender inclusivity within Visuable.  

Happy Pride Month Everyone!

The Visuable Team 🌈