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Expert Blogging Call to help you build your ranking

You’re here because you need some help getting started with your blog. It might be that you are unsure what to write about, and you need a plan in place to get you going. Or maybe, you need help optimising your blog posts to improve your SEO.

We’re here to help you. Our in-house Blogging Experts can help you create a blogging calendar, brainstorm blog themes and titles, walk you through blog optimisation for better SEO and share best tips on promoting your blog posts to the world!


Blogging Expert Call $495 / £450

This call is a 3in1 60-min call, we can help you develop a blogging calendar, brainstorm titles and show you how to optimise and promote your blogs to help you reach your audience.

What’s included:

• defining the audience for your blog
• setting blogging frequency and deciding themes
• brainstorming blog post ideas and titles that get clicks
• understanding what types of posts you can write easily
• how to structure and write your blog posts
• how to gently up-sell your services within your blog posts
• how to optimise your blog posts for organic SEO and conversions
• how to promote your blog posts on social media
• how to monetise your blog through affiliates for passive income


This call can also be used to revise your existing blog posts, and offer feedback on how to make your existing blog work much harder for your business.


How does the process work?

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Please use our chat facility to discuss your project with us so that we can ensure that your requests can be accommodated within our Copywriting Expert Call.


• Press the button below to choose your preferred date and time
• Fill out the form to provide us with the information about your company and list all the goals that you have for yor call.
• Make an online payment. The payment can be made by any Debit / Credit Card
• We’ll send you a booking confirmation with a Zoom link directly to your calendar
• Once it’s time, click on the Zoom link and our Copywriting Expert will be waiting!


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