Focus and clarity for your brand

Brand Mentorship to move your business forward.

You’re here because you’re in the early stages of your business and brand development and you’re unsure of the direction to take; or you’re ready to up-level, and want a professional strategic support so you can get things right; or you might be changing direction and needing help finding your focus and re-positioning your brand.

With an extensive strategic and creative expertise spanning business, marketing, branding, web design and photography gained through studying for an MBA degree, 9+ years running my own creative ventures, attending growth acceleration programmes and working with over 500 brands all around the world, I am here to help you.


What we’ll cover in your sessions:

My mentorship programme focuses on clarifying three key strategic areas of your business to ensure that your brand communicates your value, has a clear competitive advantage, and is positioned for success:

Brand Identity: Who you are and the narrative that surrounds your brand.
Target Audience: Defining the specific group of people that your brand is uniquely aimed at.
Product Range: Creating a compelling service range tailor-made for your ideal clients.


Once the foundation is in place…

We can delve into any additional aspects of your brand:

You might be just getting started and wanting creative ideas for what to do first to gain traction and credibility for your brand.

Perhaps you’re struggling to understand what are your top strenghts or key selling points and would love some advice on how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, so that your brand appeals to your ideal clients and you make more sales as a result.

Or you could be a fellow creative needing a confidence boost, strategic direction and an insight into how to establish an iconic style for your creative work that gets people noticing and choosing your brand.

Whatever it is, I’ll ensure that you’ll leave feeling more confident in yourself and your skills, an increased clarity around who you are and what your brand is about and a concise plan for how to move forward with your business.


How does the process work?

You’ll receive my signature Define Your Brand Workbook with self-reflective questions that cover all the above to assist you in making a real progress during our time together.

You’ll book your 60-min 1:1 sessions to discuss each area in detail - I offer individual Breakthrough Sessions as well as an ongoing Brand Mentorship.

We’ll dive deep into your chosen areas and work together to develop your brand exactly where we both feel it needs the attention most.

I’ll be leading you through each session, whilst developing tangible results for your brand that you can apply immediately.

At the end of each session, we’ll agree on 3 action steps for you and I’ll send you my written report with session outcomes.

You’ll also receive 15-days accountability and email access following each session, so that you can ask me any additional questions and consolidate the plans that we’ve made together.

How do I sign up?

I work with a handful of entrepreneurs at any given time.
During our initial time together, we’ll meet for an individual Breakthrough Session or 3 sessions over Zoom, 60-min each time.

I recommend one session per month, with think practice in between.
Ongoing sessions are available after completing the initial stage.


60-min Brand Breakthrough Session $395 / £295
3-month Brand Mentorship Programme $995 / £795


Here is how the experience feels like…




Founder, CEO & Brand Expert at Visuable.