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Co-design Expert call to update your brand

You’re here because you have some tweaks to make to your brand identity, brand collateral, or you simply need a small brand asset developed and you would love to be part of the design process. It might be that you don’t have the necessary technical know-how or design abilities to do it all by yourself or maybe you just simply don’t have the time.

We’re here to help you. Our in-house Design Experts can brainstorm your idea with you, whilst also designing the desired brand asset at the front of your eyes and advising you on anything to do with your brand and design!


Co-design Expert Call $495 / £450

In this 60-min 3in1 call, we can brainstorm your idea with you, while also bringing your design idea to life at the front of your eyes and answering all your questions! If you would like to be part of the design process, then this call is for you.

We can cover things like:

• ideating the idea for your brand identity design
• developing a simple logo concept
• developing a simple flyer or e-book design
• developing a newsletter template
• developing a set of icons for your brand
• anything else you might need?


How does the process work?

Can you see the chat bubble in the right bottom corner of this page?

Please use our chat facility to discuss your project with us so that we can ensure that your requests can be implemented within our Co-design Expert bundle.


• Press the button below to choose your preferred date and time
• Fill out the form to provide us with the information about your company and explain what design asset do you need help with
• Make an online payment. The payment can be made by any Debit / Credit Card
• We’ll send you a booking confirmation with a Zoom link directly to your calendar
• Once it’s time, click on the Zoom link and our Design Expert will be waiting!


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