How to survive tough times as an entrepreneur


In the past year, our lives have changed drastically! The world is coming out of a state of chaos, and some of us are struggling to maintain any sense of control during these tough times. I know because I'm seeing it myself. But, even with so much up in the air, there's always a reason to stay optimistic and to hold on.

As an entrepreneur, particularly, you may feel the effects of WFH stress even more than others. This may be because you’re a remote worker, working in your business by yourself, or never getting time off. We get it! As a remote company, we get what it’s like to not have an office, have people around constantly, and feel overwhelmed. This is why we are going the extra mile this year to ensure that everyone on the team starts every day feeling inspired and motivated to tackle the workday. 

Here are our 3 key tips to survive tough times as an entrepreneur:

1. Keep Focusing

2. Treat Yourself 

3. Stay Positive 


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Keep Focusing 

The best way to keep productivity high is organizing, organizing, and more organizing! 

I know it’s easier said than done, but get yourself either an amazing digital online planner like Trello we can’t live without Trello) or a really nice digital notebook where you can outline your days, weeks and months! This has really helped us keep productive as there is no hiding from what you have to do! If there is something that isn’t your favorite like administration work, try to eat that frog first thing in the morning.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy is a great book that explains the method of “eating that frog.” This method is to undertake the most challenging or boring task of your day and just get it done fast so you can move on with the more fun parts of your business, such a posting Instagram Stories or chatting to your audience! 

Another great way to keep productive is to get dressed up (put a nice shirt on without a stain), put on makeup, and find a space in your home or a cafe that you feel most productive at. For me, I love writing in a cafe where people are looking at me, weird but it works! You could try a virtual focus room on StudyStream to help you get work done. This is because of the audience effect which happens when your performance is influenced by the presence of others. For me, this really works, but find that space for yourself and ensure that there are no interruptions, distractions, or disturbances. 

Find out what works best for you!
Try different ways of organizing and planning to be ultra-productive throughout your day. 


Treat Yourself

The really hard part about working from home as an entrepreneur is feeling overwhelmed, tired, and ultimately not motivated to do anything. We feel that! It’s so hard to find motivation when there are so many distractions and you still have loads of work to do. You don’t have to buy yourself lavish presents every day (unless you want to, hello diamonds), but simple things such as more fitness, talking to people, sleeping more, drinking less alcohol and drinking more water will treat your body and soul in a way that running a business doesn’t. 

I find that taking a fitness class during the working day gets me out of the house, forces me to meet other entrepreneurs, and makes me healthier! Who doesn’t love all of those benefits in one? It breaks up my day and gives me something to look forward to! 

Even buying a nice water bottle or buying blue light blocking glasses will enhance your mood during the day. By drinking water out of a lovely water bottle, you’ll not only nourish your body and treat it but have something nice to drink out of! Having blue light blocking glasses on hand will tremendously help you when you're continuously staring at a screen running your business. Trust me both of these items have really helped me feel better! 

Treating yourself really doesn’t have to do with material items, it helps, but it’s about nourishing your mind and body in a way that you need in order to get over any anxiety. And if you’re tired of being home, make sure you go and take a walk!

Stay Positive 

Staying positive is key to getting over the rough patches when you are an entrepreneur. Let’s face it when you see darkness outside you sort of feel darkness on the inside and it’s understandable! The best way to beat this feeling is to find your purpose in running your business. Find your “why” below the surface level. How and why are you helping your clients? Are you changing their lives? Are you having an impact on them? These answers will help you shift your mindset from anger to peace. If you’re having trouble finding your “why” check out the book “Find Your Why” by Simon Sinek it’s a great read and will really give you a chance to uncover your why. 

Also, it’s good to remember that your client may be feeling overwhelmed as well, so go above and beyond for them! Don’t ignore them if they have an issue, communicate and reply to their emails with enthusiasm and attention. By helping them you’re helping yourself! This will also go back to your “why” and make you remember that this is for your client and make an impact. Even starting a 52-week challenge of starting the day with gratitude will help you with staying positive! The Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude: Gratitude Journal by Pretty Simple Press is a great start to challenge yourself to start the day with appreciating what you have in your life and the bigger picture. This can really help you find positivity! 


You can also download relaxation tracks (our favorite are from our client Relax Me Happy) that will help you shut your mind off when sleeping so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you wake up! I get it, you have a deadline coming up and you wake up in the middle of the night having a nightmare about it. Don’t let your mind go that way and treat it to calmness before the storm. This will really help you keep positive because let's face it sleeping in your nice cozy bed is a huge positive at the end of a long day!

Staying positive is the hardest part about it. It’s easy to just get down on yourself and others around you, but stop yourself every time your mind shifts to stress and low mood and remember the “why”.

Last but not least - if you are really feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just a little anxious, you don’t go at it all alone, contact a specialist to help you fight through it and get out on the other side feeling happy and inspired on the inside. 

We have worked with many amazing coaches and therapists and can swear by their expertise in helping you fight and keeping you positive during these tough times:


Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Happiness Coach at Relax Me Happy


Sara Levitsky

Therapist at Birmingham Counselling for Women and Girls


Melissa Stephens

Empowerment Coach at Serenity of Fire


Ismene Cole

Transformational Coach at Ismene Cole


Nicola Strudley

Psychotherapist and Coach Brain Train Me


Aga Lawrynowicz

Transitional Coach at Choose Clarity


Or if you’re an active type, try fighting the stress by increasing your physical activity this winter season – exercise helps to release happiness hormones in your brain and is proven to have a positive effect on body, mind, and soul! 

We’ve worked with some fantastic online trainers, who offer mood-boosting fitness programs: 

Health Means Happiness-82.jpgtips-on-working-from-home-london-toronto-california-new-york

Ania Chabura

Health Coach at Health Means Happiness


Amanda Lifestyle

Lifestyle Coach at Amanda Lifestyle


There are so many ways to beat the tough times as an entrepreneur, but these are key tips we find are most effective for us. You just need to find what’s best for you. Always keep in mind that some stuff may not work for you, but don’t give up because you can definitely survive, as long as you keep trying!

And remember, what you’re going through right now is only temporary. It won’t last forever!


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