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An expertly set-up Mailchimp Account that’ll help you gain subscribers and turn them into clients.

You’re here because you’re ready to build your email list and start sending impactful, well-designed newsletters that will persuade your subscribers to become your clients. You either haven’t started with Mailchimp yet, or you’ve set-up and account and created a few campaigns but aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for and are looking for an expert to help you out.

We’re here for you!

Through our collaborative working process, we’ll help you start, set-up and organise your account while training you on how to use it all by yourself so that you can start winning and impressing your subscribers!

Book one of our Mailchimp Packages to take your email marketing to the expert level.


FREE Mini Mailchimp Audit

Value of 49$

As part of our Mini Audit, we’ll score your account against 8 key Maichimp set-up and utilization areas to provide you with strategic recommendations on what needs setting up, what needs improving and how to start winning subscribers and turning them into clients. 

  • Once we receive your Mini Audit query, we’ll send a Mailchimp account connection request to your email. When you receive it, you’ll need to grant us ADMIN access.

  • Our Mailchimp Expert will then conduct your Mini Audit, and within 5 days, you’ll receive a personalized PDF revealing key focus areas to ensure Mailchimp Marketing success.

FILL OUT form below to request your Mailchimp Audit.


Set Your Account for Success

We offer a range of Mailchimp packages - from custom template design and freebie automation set-up, through 60-min Expert Calls that focus on troubleshooting issues within existing accounts or providing a general overview of available tools and features, to a comprehensive All-in Mailchimp Kickstart Package that offers an end-to-end account set-up and training help you become an email Marketing Pro, with a fully set-up tool to match.

Mini Mailchimp Audit always included

We’ll always conduct a mini Mailchimp Audit (value $49) ahead of All-in Mailchimp Kickstart and Mailchimp Expert Call, to assess which areas of your account need to be worked on, so that we can put our focus where it’s needed most.


We Are Experts

Our in-house Mailchimp Experts are officially certified in Mailchimp foundations, automations and email marketing. This means that we have undertaken a rigorous training programme delivered by Mailchimp, and have been approved as an official Partner.

We’ll set-up, design and automate your campaigns, while training you on all things Mailchimp, so that your account is set-up for success and your can manage it like a PRO!


All-in Mailchimp Kickstart $1295 / £1195

As part of our All-in Mailchimp Account Kickstart, we'll help you start, set-up and organise your account, while also training you on how to send targeted campaigns.

From setting-up your subscribers list and using Mailchimp as a CRM, through template design, all the way to campaign planning, creation and scheduling your first newsletter. You’ll leave with a fully functioning Mailchimp account and a complete understanding of how to manage your new tool all by yourself.

60-min Mailchimp Onboarding Call:
• Overview of Mailchimp
• Setting up your subscribers list
• Importing your contacts list
• Using Mailchimp as a CRM
• Working with multiple lists and tags
• Mailchimp Template design brainstorm
• Mailchimp Campaign brainstorm

Custom Mailchimp Template Design

60-min Mailchimp Finalisation Call:
• Planning your first 3 campaigns
• How to access your custom template 
• Creating your first campaign
• Changing font and colour styles within templates
• Adding photos and text to your campaign
• Scheduling and sending your campaign
• Customisation of appearance to match your brand

Mailchimp Expert Call $495 / £450

In this 60-min 3in1 call, we can train you on how to use Mailchimp, consult you on anything to do with your Mailchimp Account and / or implement any changes to your account right there and then.

If you have tasks and updates to do on your Mailchimp Account and would like to be part of the process to watch, discuss and learn, then this call is for you.

We can cover some, but not all of the below:

• Mailchimp Training - general overview of tools and features
• Setting up your subscribers lists and importing your contacts
• Cleaning-up and organising your existing subscribers lists
• Using Mailchimp as a CRM and working with lists and tags
• How to access ready-made templates, and change fonts and colours
• Adding photos, text, links and buttons to your campaign
• Creating and scheduling your first email campaign
• Brainstorming a few new email campaigns and feedback existing campaigns
• Customisation of Mailchimp appearance to match your brand
• Integration of your Mailchimp with Squarespace or Shopify platforms
• Setting-up an Automation to deliver a freebie to your subscribers
• Troubleshooting any issues that you might be experiencing with Mailchimp

*Please note that this is a 60-min 1:1 call where we focus on a few specific tasks from the list above, or give you a general overview of Mailchimp, so that you can set-it up by yourself, rather than delivering on all of the above points.

If you would like a comprehensive Mailchimp account set-up, template design and campaign training, please book Mailchimp Kickstart service described on the left.

Mailchimp Template Design $495/ £450

A custom made branded Mailchimp Template expertly created to carry the branded feel of your website into your email communications.
• 1x 30-min Onboarding Call
• 1 Branded Mailchimp Campaign Template
• 1x 30-min Finalization Call

Mailchimp Automation $495 / £450

A single-step automation set-up to either automatically deliver your freebie or welcome your new subscribers and share useful resources with them.

• 1x 15-min Onboarding Call
• 1x Automation set-up, testing & troubleshooting
• 1x 15-min Finalisation Call



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