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Are you thinking of creating a website with a members-only space?

Have you been searching around on which website builder to use that integrates with a Membership portal? Or wondering how to set up your subscription-only content on your website? Or maybe you want a beautifully designed page on your website for your membership area? Whichever reason it is, this blog is to help you uncover what Memberspace is, why use Squarespace + Memberspace, and throughout the blog you'll see Memberspace websites we've created so you can get inspired!

Memberspace for Squarespace Websites

To start off, let's talk about what the heck is Memberspace?

Memberspace is a membership tool that allows you to create a members-only space on your websites for classes, courses, photos, videos, member directories, and so much more!

 This tool is brilliant because (just like Squarespace) it was created for non-techies, so you don't have to worry about coding or anything of the sort (hurray!). You can also completely control your membership area's design and experience directly on your Squarespace website, so you get the benefits of Squarespace and Memberspace - amazing! You can also say goodbye to opening another tab because it's all right there on your site.

 Here is a low-down of why you should use Memberspace:

Memberspace Websites Key Features

Key Features 

• Unlimited Members

• Member Payment and Bill Date Flexibility

• Revenue Recovery for any failed charge, abandoned sign up, or cancellation

• Zapier Integration to connect to 3rd party apps such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Trello, Google Docs, and more.

• Custom Styling of the login, signup, and account forms

Memberspace Websites Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• Easy to use and Get Started

• Integration with Multiple Content Management Systems (CMS)

• Member Login and Billing Details are secured using Modern SSL Encryption

• Free Platform Migration

• Excellent Customer Support



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Relax me Happy - Simple & Classy Coaching Website on Squarespace


Happiness Coach | UK

Relax Me Happy mission is to help you find your Zen in this busy world of ours! Zofie, the founder, is a super soft soul, who just loves to chill out! She offers a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions, relaxation tracks and in-person meditation sessions. To achieve this brand style, soft pinks were combined with personable photography to convey a relaxing feeling of calm, stress-free, and mindful living.


Now that we've established what Memberspace is, you may be wondering what website builder is the best one to use with it?

Memberspace seamlessly embeds right onto your Squarespace website, so you can still have the luxury of all the amazing Squarespace design elements whilst having a members-only area. Unlike other website builders, Squarespace is targeted towards Designers and DIY users, people with no working knowledge of HTML. Therefore, Squarespace developers made it easy for non-coders to design awesome websites without sacrificing functionality.

Here is a low-down of why you should build your website on Squarespace with Memberspace:


Key Features 

• Customizable Templates

• Custom CSS

• Blogging - Scheduled Posts, Podcasts support

• Marketing & Analytics - Email Campaigns, Newsletter Blocks

• Extensions

And many more!


Key Benefits

• Easy to use and Get Started

• Built- in SEO tools

• Self-Hosted Website

• Great Technical Team

• Excellent Customer Service

And many more!


If you're interested in all-in personal branding package, take a look at what we offer: 


Elite Vision Fitness - Modern & Bold Fitness Website on Squarespace


Fitness Coach | Maine, USA

Abe Woodard, is a former collegiate and professional athlete. Through his passion for fitness, he wants to inspire others to become the best version of themselves physically. Abe aimed to create an online space where every client could access private, personalised fitness classes that will allow Abe to be with them each step of the way. The finished website comes with everything that Abe's needs to promote his new business and fitness plan effectively - a space for exclusive members only, who will have access to additional information like videos, brand merchandise, and testimonials.


So, are you ready to build a Squarespace website with a membership area?

We hope that you feel inspired to start your business journey! Whether you want to create a members-only space on your websites for exclusive classes, courses, photos, videos, or member directories we’re here to help you. Through our branding process, we ensure that your website and Memberspace design style aligns with your brands’ vision, mission, and goals so you can attract the clients you want to work with.

Ready to get started? Book a call with our team below to discuss how we can help.


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