Visuable joins forces with CAMFED again to fundraise for girls’ education on the International Day of the Girl 11th Oct 2022.


Our focus is to highlight the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl by fundraising and bringing awareness to the educational inequalities to support girls’ futures globally.

As a female-led and owned company, we hold girls’ education close to our hearts. We are fortunate enough to have received many amazing opportunities in our lives, but know that many haven’t. Even in developed countries, it is difficult to find work after graduation and, as a matter of fact, Visuable was born as a consequence of it.

Therefore, we continue to offer internships and eventually employment to inexperienced graduates.  Visuable thrives on women's empowerment, which is why we want to help. We want future women globally to be able to get the education they need, to start
reaching their dreams.

There are still women out there fighting for basic educational rights such as going to school, which leads to many girls getting left behind and having to be supported by someone else.  As UN (2022) stated, ending gender inequalities is a human right as well as a vital part of sustainable development.

Yet over 50 million girls are not able to access education in sub-Saharan Africa. The lack of education continues to cycle of unwanted codependency, lack of freedom, low future incomes and future generations’ inequal possibilities to live and chase their dreams.


This is our second collaboration with CAMFED to support gender equality and women empowerment.

Our target this year is to fundraise 10 school years (£1200) for girls in sub-Saharan Africa from us and from our clients. We are donating one school year on behalf of the company, and our Visuable team will donate another school year together. So that’s £240 from all of us here.

We are calling our audience and clients to help us reach this goal and help ten girls to have access to year of education. You can donate the amount that suits your budget, every donation is highly appreciated:

£120 equals to 1 School year for one girl

£13.40 equals to 1 School Month for one girl



Thank you for supporting equality,

The Visuable team


CAMFED catalyzes the power of the most vulnerable girls and young women to create the future they imagine: for themselves, for their communities, and for Africa.

As the most effective strategy to tackle poverty and inequality, CAMFED multiplies educational opportunities for girls and empowers young women to become leaders of change. Our focus is on girls and young women in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. This is where girls face acute disadvantage and where their empowerment will have a transformative impact.


Dream It. Create It. Launch It.

Visuable is a digital brand agency based in the UK helping forward-thinking leaders worldwide GoDigital with an impactful brand, powerful website, and ingenious online systems. 

As a company, we’re committed to expanding opportunities for those who need a chance in life. We offer internships to inexperienced graduates, mentor young entrepreneurs towards success, and we also strive to enable disadvantaged girls to access education.