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Social Media Expert call to help you get out there!

You’re here because you’ve just launched your new brand and website and you now need to get it out there to start signing-up customers. You’ve tried promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin but you’re not really sure what you are doing. You don’t know what content to post, how to make your feed look good and how to reach audiences using #hashtags.

We’re here for you. Having reached over 500 customers globally, we know what works, and what doesn’t and can help you navigate the ins and outs of Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin so that your profiles look the part, the content engages the audience and your accounts followers are growing in numbers!


Social Media Expert Call $495 / £450

In this 60-min 3in1 call, we’ll help you find y our feet on your selected social media platform. Choose from Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We’ll take your profile from blah to WOW while explaining how to create content strategy that turns followers into fans!

What’s Included:

• Social Media profile creation or refresh of existing account
• Updated bio, contact information, logo and banner
• How to create a simple social media strategy
• What content to post each day to attract new customers
• How to make your content look good using free simple online software
• How to grow your followers numbers in 15 minutes a day
• How to use hashtags to reach new audiences
• Overall guidance on Social Media marketing


How does the process work?

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Please use our chat facility to discuss your project with us so that we can ensure that your requests can be implemented within our Social Media Expert Call.


• Press the button below to choose your preferred date and time
• Fill out the form to provide us with the information about your company and list all the questions that you have for our Social Media Expert
• Make an online payment. The payment can be made by any Debit / Credit Card
• We’ll send you a booking confirmation with a Zoom link directly to your calendar
• Once it’s time, click on the Zoom link and our Social Media Expert will be waiting!


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