The Best Business Websites on Squarespace


Have you just started your business? Or are you a seasoned pro needing help digitally transforming your business? Wherever you may be on your business journey, we’re here to help you build a website you can be proud of whilst maximising your likability factor and boosting your conversions.

This blog will help you get your creative juices flowing by showcasing our top Squarespace Business Websites that are not only beautiful but reflect the mission, vision, and goals of the business.

Keep scrolling so you can get inspired for your website!


Melberg Partners: Contemporary & Professional Business Website on Squarespace


Financial Advisory | Norway

Melberg Partner’s website is a reflection on who they are and how they are different from other firms in their industry. They wanted to come off as peaceful instead of very financially driven. To reflect this, we used visuals such as water and landscapes to create meaning combined with multiple levels of detail in the design helps to keep the audience engaged with the content of the website, building trust, and turning visitors into enquiries


Altaine: High-Tech & Clean Business Website on Squarespace


Digital Commerce | New Zealand

Altaines website has white, orange, and yellow tones to showcase their brand essence of intellect, positivity, and leadership in the tech world. A striking brand identity was a key factor needed to differentiate them in the highly competitive emerging tech world of SaaS services. The website also comes with lead capture mechanisms that will increase conversions.


Achíni Scientific: Organic & Austere Business Website on Squarespace


Renewable Energy | Texas

Achíni Scientific’s website provides information on their technology that safely and economically pairs renewables with manufacturing while enabling the industrial sector to leave fossil fuels behind for good. The design style of the website is contemporary, organic and austere to help Achíni illustrate the renewable resources they use towards providing practical and sustainable solutions to the world.


Cala Sustain: Sustainable & Professional Business Website on Squarespace


Business Consultancy | Bristol, UK

Cala Sustain’s mission is to deliver multiple sustainability benefits to its customers. With this mission in mind, we created a website that clearly defined their message, stock imagery that showcased sustainability, and a colour theme featuring greens and greys, simple typography, and topped it all off with a business cards design. We also created a personalised brand photography collection for the owner Mark to really display who he is.


We Are Wander: Minimalistic & Clean Business Website on Squarespace


Recruitment | London, UK

We Are Wander’s website reflects the ethos of the company, helping connect with applicants who want to find a career they’re passionate about. We used quality stock photographs from around the world to show that you can do what you love while also travelling the world. The website also included an intake form so candidates can easily contact We Are Wander for when they’re ready to find a new career.


ConnectED Learning Group: Contemporary & Youthful Business Website on Squarespace


End-to-end learning | London, UK

ConnectEd Learning Group provides end-to-end learning design services across multiple platforms, face to face and online. We created a web design that would capture the mission to empower others through education and learning. Through the use of stock imagery, colorful branding, and lead captures we created a simple, credible and contemporary website.


Harold Stephens: Down-To-Earth & Gentleman Like Business Website on Squarespace


Financial Planners | Bristol, UK

Harold Stephens worked with us for over a year, where we advised him on renaming his company (he eventually picked his granddad’s name), through brand concept, all the way to brand photography. The website design is focused on showcasing the team as Experts in their field who believe that face-to-face interaction is still key in the financial industry. The brand style combines greens and blues to showcase Harold Stephens as an old fashioned face-to-face financial advisor.


GrubTech: Pleasant & Straightforward Business Website on Squarespace


Management System | Dubai

GrubTech is an end-to-end management system that enables delivery first restaurants and cloud kitchens to operate across all channels. The website design style incorporates the brand’s tech-savviness and young dynamic spirit through showstopping imagery, icons representing their values, and the use of greens and blues. On the website, we also added scheduling software for restaurateurs wanting to book a demo.


So, are you ready to have your business website on Squarespace?

We hope that these examples will help you on your journey to create a website for your business. All the above websites have been created to align with each businesses mission, vision and values. This was achieved by taking our clients through our in-depth branding process that helps envision a perfect identity for a personal brand.

If you need help getting started, book a call with our team to discuss how we can help.

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