The most Inspirational Coaching Websites on Squarespace


Are you thinking of setting up your coaching business online but you don’t know where to start? 

Are you wondering which website builder should you use...? Or what to include on the homepage page and about page to maximise the likability factor and boost conversions? Or maybe you’re unsure on how to make your website look beautiful, while reflecting your brand values and coaching style?

Whatever it is, we have created a list of our top coaching Squarespace websites to help you get inspired.

  1. Ismene Cole – Aspirational & Sophisticated Coaching Website on Squarespace


Transformational Coach | UK

Ismene’s website is a reflection of her mission to help ambitious individuals experience powerful positive changes in all areas of life. To reflect this mission, we’ve presented Ismene as an aspirational coach figure by creating powerful photographs showcasing her in all the roles she plays in her client’s lives. The soft pastel colour palette consisting of pinks and greys represents Ismene’s delicate nature, while naturally drawing in clients who are looking for this approach. Clean design is offset by handwritten fonts in order to maximise on the personable, warm and approachable vibe. The website is completed with e-shop, blog and online scheduler to ensure it converts visitors into customers.


2. Gizay Coaching – Modern & Youthful Coaching Website on Squarespace


Life Coach | California, USA

Gizay Coaching helps people find a path of peaceful living. The design style of this website is fresh, youthful and vibrant, consisting of fuchsia pinks and bold blues to help Gabrielle convey the energetic vibe that will attract client’s motivated to change their lives. This is an example of a scrolling website that presents the brand is a clear and succinct way, while showcasing the founder’s credentials, mission and value behind the caching packages. The website is completed with booking system that seamlessly turns visitors into appointments!

3. Magnetic Feminine – Delicate & Feminine Coaching Website on Squarespace


Dating Coach | California, USA

This sophisticated and feminine brand style was created to attract women who are looking to find and fall in love with their dream partner. Soft pinks are juxtaposed with deep reds to represent the different types of love - from soft and innocent romantic love, to much more intense emotional romance. Vibrant and energetic images are used to convey the feeling of fun and joy that is to be felt when working with Vanessa. Website is completed with freebie download, that turns visitors into email list subscribers.

4. Choose Clarity – Clean & Natural Coaching Website on Squarespace


Life Coach | Seattle

Choose Clarity’s mission is for all women to live fulfilled lives and express themselves freely in the world. Aga runs a combination of online and nature based coaching sessions, therefore home surroundings were combined with lushes greenery to bring her natural and earthy brand style to life. Website comes completed with a blog and events section, to help Aga to easily publish her articles and share her latest events and talks.

5. Relax me Happy -  Simple & Classy Coaching Website on Squarespace


Happiness Coach | UK

Relax Me Happy mission is to help you find your Zen in this busy world of ours! Zofie, the founder is a super soft soul, who just loves to chill out! she offers a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions, relaxation tracks and in person meditation sessions. To achieve this brand style, soft pinks were combined with personable photography that conveys a relaxing feeling of calm, stress free and mindful living.

 6. Kate Hunter – Professional & Contemporary Coaching Website on Squarespace


Executive Coach | UK

Kate’s coaching is centred around the Japanese practice ok Ikigai (finding your true purpose) and shifting your skills and achievements into your daily routine. The website design is focused on showcasing Kate as an Expert Coach that can help women who are looking to change, grow and evolve. Brans style combines bold hot pinks and greens, to convey Kate’s energetic and vibrant personality.


So, are you ready to create your coaching website?

We hope that these examples will help you get inspired to get your coaching business off the ground and create a brilliant online space for your personal brand! All the above websites have been created to align with each coach’s mission, vision and values. This was achieved by taking our clients through our in-depth branding process that helps envision a perfect identity for a personal brand.

If you need help getting started, book a call with our team to discuss how we can help.

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