The Top 8 Squarespace websites for Financial Companies


Looking to make your financial business better? Want to look more professional? Whichever it may be, we are happy to you take that next level to build a professional, neat, and elegant website tailored to you. Whether you have been in business for many years and looking for something or you are just starting out, this blog will show you various examples of top websites we have designed for financial companies. This can help you get some inspiration and hopefully spark some ideas for your own website.

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Commercial & Strategic Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Squarespace Website for Financial Advisory | Norway

Melberg Partners | Norway

Melberg Partners is a commercial and strategic financial advisory firm specializing in the international energy sector.

With a clear vision for their business, Melberg Partners wanted to show their brand to their audience and potential clients. Our work culminated in the creation of a clean and sophisticated website to showcase the company's value while incorporating a variety of nature stock photography to connect to their core value.


Investment Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Investment Financial Advisory Website | Wyoming

Thermopolis Partners | Wyoming

Thermopolis Partners is an investment financial advisory firm that specializes in natural resources and technology to calculate risk-taking and create flexibility.

They were in need of a redesign, and restyle from layout to adding high-definition images. Our work was to help maximize the website to showcase the brand, with a new and refine design and style.

Independent Financial & Legal Website on Squarespace

Independent Financial & Legal Website on Squarespace | UK

Harold Stephens | UK

Harold Stephens is an independent financial and legal firm promising to give back to its clients.

With a goal to come up with iconic and professional branding, Harold Stephan needed a whole new concept for their brand identity. Our Creative Team was able to create a brand design perfectly tailored to them, with a beautiful color palette, logo designs, social media templates, and patterns.

Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace | NYC

Zerxa Incorporated | NYC

Zerxa Incorporated is a business dedicated to educating people on financial news and research that is supported by hard data and statistics.

Zerxa wanted to create a completely new website that was educational, helpful, and, most of all, informative. Our team was successful at providing Zerxa with a fully branded and optimized website design that truly reflected its brand values, as well as a membership feature to acquire members and allow them to keep up with the financial market.



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Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace | California

Section Partners | California

Section Partners is a leading financial advisory firm dedicated to unlocking the value of venture-backed technology for stockholders and leaders.

We helped in the creation of a professional, sleek website to demonstrate the level of sophistication displayed by Section Partners. The design's simplicity demonstrates elegance and professionalism perfect for their target audience of founders, executives, and CEOs.

Female-Led Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Female-Led Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Strategic Sequoia Group | USA

Strategic Sequoia Group Inc is a female-leading financial advisory service, with a goal to help successful business owners & employers navigate the employee benefits marketplace with the necessary financial tools to protect themselves.

We helped them to create a new website design that was easy to navigate, simple with clear wireframe, and maximized SEO to enhance their visibility.

Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace

Financial Advisory Website on Squarespace | Wisconsin

WealthBuilders | Wisconsin

Wealth Builders is a growing company with over 25 years of experience that stands for transparency, integrity, and trust, providing assistance with financial management, planning, and consulting.

They needed a website design that demonstrated their value and transparency to their target clients. With this in mind, we designed a clean and modern brand identity to accompany their new and improved Squarespace website, which showcased exactly who they are.

highly valued holistic financial WEBSITE ON SQUARESPACE

Highly Valued Holistic Financial Service | UK

NG Business Solution | UK

NG Business Solution is a highly valued holistic financial service that aims to help sole traders and business owners solve their financial problems by developing relationships with them.

We collaborated with NG Business Solution to create this iconic website experience that perfectly embodies what NG Business stands for through branding design, website development, and website copywriting.




We hope this blog has inspired and provided you with a new perspective on our website design and how your website could look. Your journey to building your dream, fully branded website starts now!

All the above websites have been created to align with each business’s mission, vision, and values. This was achieved by taking our clients through our in-depth branding and website process that helps envision a perfect identity for their business brand.


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