Visuable expresses solidarity with Ukraine and campaigns for its freedom.


Visuable believes in freedom, peace, and unity. That's why we're currently seeking to actively collaborate with organizations that show solidarity, offer support, and provide aid for the people of Ukraine. 


On February 24th, the Russian leaders provoked an unjustified attack on Ukraine, which has caused a large-scale humanitarian crisis. We are heartbroken about the conflict and its impact. Currently, there are significant shortages in medical supplies, food, and safety for the Ukrainian people. Our team at Visuable sends the message of love and support to everyone who these terrible actions have directly or indirectly impacted. 

The situation is ongoing, and the safety of Ukraine's citizens is a priority for the whole world. Therefore, we are promoting a variety of ways in which anyone can get involved and offer their help from anywhere in the world.  If you've heard of any imaginative ways in which direct support can be offered to people in Ukraine, message us using the form below with a link and description of the initiative.

We'll do our best to share with our networks. 


Show solidarity and share a message of support!

We’ve created the below graphics for you to download and share online. They are royalty free but feel free tag @visuable in your social media post, if you would like us to re-share through our accounts.


Support Charities

We’ve donated to support people of Ukraine through some of the below causes, and we encourage you to do the same!
Choose a way that feels best to you.


Good Factory

Polish organization helping first-hand on the Polish-Ukrainian border providing transportation, shelter, food, blankets, clothes, medical aid and any other direct support needed for those who seek Asylum in Poland.

Accommodation Map

A map featuring accommodation available to those fleeing Ukraine and seeking shelter in the European countries.

Project Hope

Donate to support sending medicine and medical supplies to Ukraine.

OutRight International

Donate to support Ukrainian LGBTIQ individuals searching for accommodation, protection, and safety whilst fleeing their country.

Association of Ukrainians in GB

Donate to raise funds on emergency and on-going needs, such as hygiene packs, food and crisis counselling.

UN Women Finland

Donate to protect women and their families in Ukraine.

Foodies of Instagram

Foodies of Instagram created an e-book with 170 recipes from contributors from all across Poland. All proceeds from the sale of the e-book with be donated to support people of Ukraine.

Forget Me Not Dress

Our client Natalia Jaroszewska (@natalia_jaroszewska) designed a special dress with forget-me-not blue flowers print. All proceeds from sales of this dress will be donated to SOS Children’s Foundation in Poland.

Etsy Community

Etsy community is calling all to type ‘digital file’ in Etsy search, navigate to location tab and type ‘Ukraine’. That way you can buy digital artwork or patterns and send your contributions directly to individuals in Ukraine, without them having to do anything.


Book few nights in Ukraine without staying to support local hosts (Airbnb waived all their fees) or donate funds for stays. If you own a property, offer short-term accommodations, for free or at a discount, for refuges.


Dream It. Create It. Launch It.

Visuable is a digital brand agency based in the UK helping forward-thinking leaders worldwide GoDigital with an impactful brand, powerful website, and ingenious online systems. 

As a company, we’re committed to expanding opportunities for those who need a chance in life. We offer internships to inexperienced graduates, mentor young entrepreneurs towards success, and support humanitarian initiatives that help those in need.