What are my design options using Squarespace?


So you’re ready to build a new beautiful Squarespace website. You either are just starting or you have a website but it’s clunky, outdated and hard to update. You’ve been looking around at different website builders and landed on Squarespace because it’s easy-to-use, beautiful to look at, and has great SEO options. So now that you’ve picked your website builder you’re probably thinking so what are my options? This blog will set out your two main options when building a Squarespace Website, taking into account your budget.

Squarespace Templates


Custom-built Squarespace Website

Without a doubt, you’ve seen a Squarespace website and thought, “wow- this is absolutely stunning, I want a website just like that!!” but then when you look through the Squarespace templates, you can’t find the exact one… Well, that’s probably because it’s a custom-built website designed by a Squarespace expert (that’s us!). So, what really is the difference? Keep reading to find out more!


Here’s the rundown on Squarespace Templates Vs. Custom Squarespace Websites:


Pre-made Squarespace Templates

Squarespace has many templates when you first purchase your Squarespace account. They provide a predetermined framework for your website and guide you on layouts and elements to quickly create and launch your Squarespace website.

I know it seems like all rainbows and sunshine with a Squarespace template, but there’s a downside. Unfortunately, every template is available to ANYONE with a Squarespace account. This means that there could be thousands of other businesses with similar websites. Why does this happen? Because Squarespace users simply install the base template and update it with their own content, creating a very “cookie-cutter” website.

You can see all Squarespace Templates here

Who is it for?

This option is great if you are on a lower budget and you’re one of those people who can do it all: web design, marketing, branding & let’s not forget a business owner. If you want to take the time (hours on hours) to learn Squarespace while also building your brand then this option is absolutely for you! It does however take A LOT of design and branding skills to ensure that each of the images not only looking amazing together but actually speaks to your brand. This can be very difficult especially when you have to follow the exact template and can’t switch it up.


Looking for expert design or technical support for your Squarespace website?

If you’re struggling to do something on your Squarespace website that you don’t have the necessary technical know-how or design abilities to do it by yourself, we’re here to help you!

Our in-house Squarespace Experts can take care of your quick tweaks and implement design changes to your website right there and then whilst developing your technical know-how and confidence to update your Squarespace website all by yourself. 


Custom-built Squarespace Websites

A custom-built Squarespace website starts with one of the Squarespace templates used as the "skeleton" for the website. The expert then creates a customized layout with your brand colors, fonts, photos, and bespoke graphics to create a website just for you!

A Squarespace expert designer works with you to create a website that's unique to your business. By getting to know you and your brand, the expert makes a highly converting website through brand identity design, high-quality photos sourcing, and bespoke web design with all integrations you might need to get the most out of the Squarespace template. 

While working with the designer, they will provide you with in-depth Squarespace training to guide you through using your website once the process is finished (I can't tell you how many clients we have that come to us for a brand-new website because they had a website they couldn't update). By receiving Squarespace training as a part of your experience, you won’t need to hire experts every time you want to change something because you will know how to do it yourself!

Who is it for?

This option is perfect for those entrepreneurs who have a bit more budget (about 2-3k) to spend on their website and are looking for an expert to create it for them. If you to gain back more time and leave it to experts then this option is perfect for you. When working with us you won’t just get a highly converting website, but you’ll receive full-on support, branding including a logo, favicon, and you can even choose to receive help with Copy, a Booking System, Photoshoot, and we will even set up your newsletter. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything brand.


We design websites fully customized to your business

We have a complete website package including branding, photos, web design, SEO, and training that allows for an in-depth presentation of your brand online.

Perfect for serious business owners who are looking to launch in style or up-level with an iconic branded website that conveys quality, credibility, and wide-reaching expertise.


So, which option is for you?

If you're just starting and working with a very tight budget, you might opt in to just use a quick and easy Squarespace template and edit it according to your business. BUT keep in mind that Squarespace Templates are available to anyone and everyone with a Squarespace account. 

As your business grows you will reach a point when you “outgrow” your website. A template won’t attract and engage your clients as they’ve probably seen that template thousands of times. This is when a custom-built website is a right choice for you! Building a one-of-a-kind and custom-built website allows for a truly unique representation of your business through impeccable brand identity design, high-quality photos, bespoke web design, and integrations that will turn your visitors into customers.

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